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Kickstarter Campaign

During 2019, the first book in the Wild Woodlands series ‘Felix and the quest for the lost jewels’ was launched utilising the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Our project was a part of the ‘Make 100’ campaign run by Kickstarter during January each year. We were also lucky enough to be nominated as a Staff Pick, being labelled as a ‘Project We Love’.

A massive thank you to the following list of wonderful Kickstarter backers, who generously donated towards bringing ‘Felix and the quest for the lost jewels’ to life. Without these supporters, I would not have the ability to produce a high quality, error-free children’s book focusing on supporting early reading development.

Thank You

Aaron Bidwell

Patrick Axford

Kristyn Press

Jess Brooks

Alain Graas

The Waltmann Family

Kayla Boss

Kim Roberts

Eloise Ruth Auld

Michelle Tucker

Gary McCue

Holly Tucker

Scarlett Saunders

Cassidy Saunders

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